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Re: Branding as separate distro vs. add-on to Debian

On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 12:52 AM, Geoffrey Thomas wrote:

> Anyway, in short, I'm happy to upstream works, but this list exists because
> there are cases where derivatives are appropriate. (Take Ubuntu for
> example.) But as a derivative we have a different branding approach for our
> individual users: your laptop runs Debian or Ubuntu with Debathena, not
> Debathena on its own.

Indeed, Debathena is one of those cases where a derivative makes sense
and using plain Debian makes less sense.

I'd wager you could use something like puppet instead of packages for
delivering MIT-specific configuration though. Have you tried puppet?
Did you find specific advantages to using configuration packages?

I'd hope you will spend time developing patches to add missing conf.d
directories, we can all use more configurable software.

> I'm curious to hear from other derivatives that take that approach.

I can't think of any derivatives that take your approach wrt branding.

I think the thing here is that most people are used to the way
proprietary software works and therefore the idea of a customisation
layer on top of their operating system just isn't something that they
would think about.



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