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Re: release-info package naming

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 05:31:52PM +0200, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Benjamin Drung wrote distro-info, a set of CSV data, a python library to
> read it, and scripts using the python library. It contains historical
> data on Debian & Ubuntu releases. (I'm sure other derivatives can be
> considered too)
> They can be used to determine things like the name of the current Debian
> testing release, the Ubuntu dev release, the current supported releases,
> etc.
> Examples:
> $ debian-distro-info --supported
> lenny
> squeeze
> wheezy
> sid
> $ debian-distro-info --date='2011-01-10' --stable
> lenny
> $ ubuntu-distro-info --devel
> oneiric
> on Debian, distro-info symlinks to debian-distro-info, on Ubuntu to
> ubuntu-distro-info


> Benjamin attempted to get this into Debian (#559761), but was rejected
> by the ftp-masters because of size. They suggested putting it in
> devscripts (#566578). That turned out to be a bad idea, because there
> are people who'd like to use this library without devscripts
> (Launchpad).
> So, any suggestions on a name? Maybe some general consensus from this
> list can help sway the ftp-masters into accepting it.

Unfortunately, naming is not one of my strengths. :-)  My advice would be to
try to think about the future direction of the library, what kind of
functionality might be added, and choose a name which will be lasting.

For example, I wouldn't call it distrostatus or distroreleases the like,
because it could very well be useful to add other information to it in the
future.  The right name really depends on the long-term intent of the

 - mdz

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