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Re: census: apt sources.list snippets

On Sun, 29 May 2011 12:44:19 +0800
Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:

> I've written some scripts to download the census wiki pages, extract
> the sources.list snippets from them and run aptitude update against
> them. 

If the scripts are to be published, IMHO the scripts should have the
option to use apt-get instead of aptitude.

> Most derivatives don't have suite aliases like Debian's oldstable ->
> lenny, stable -> squeeze, testing -> wheezy, sid -> unstable. I wonder
> how Debian can promote the addition of these amongst our derivatives,
> any thoughts? Having these would mean zero effort would be needed on
> Debian's side when a derivative makes a new release.

On the other hand, using different suites can make things easier when
using the derivatives to prepare a bootstrap from mixed repositories.
> The scripts do not handle GPG stuff, which means that the end of the
> script gives GPG errors when it completes. Does anyone know how to
> disable signature checking?
> W: GPG error: http://aptosid.com sid InRelease: The following
> signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not
> available: NO_PUBKEY 9FFAACBAE3BD538B

See the multistrap source code :-)

For apt-get:
-o Apt::Get::AllowUnauthenticated=true

For aptitude:
--allow-untrusted ?? (although I don't use aptitude myself)

Or just get everyone to upload their keyring packages into Debian....

> I'll be improving the scripts and expanding their scope as I am able,
> but I was wondering where I should publish the scripts? Perhaps in the
> DEX group on alioth or should I create a 'derivatives' group on
> alioth?

A few problems with alioth right now, but as long as it works...


Neil Williams

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