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Re: DEX update and next steps

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 11:37:25AM +0000, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> This leaves the non-trivial ones which may require some discussion about
> what to do:
> * http://people.ubuntu.com/patches/dhcp3.deroot-server.diff
>   (Debian bug: http://bugs.debian.org/308832)

I've emailed pkg-dhcp-devel about this one.

> * http://people.ubuntu.com/patches/kernel-package.safe-initrd.diff

This is now flagged as irrelevant thanks to Raphael Hertzog.

> * http://people.ubuntu.com/patches/kernel_udebs_from_kernel_source.diff
>   (Discussion: http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2004/11/msg01446.html)
> [...]
>   Is anyone here more knowledgeable about the Debian kernel?
> * http://people.ubuntu.com/patches/pbbuttonsd.fixrunlevel.patch
> [...]
>   Is anyone here more knowledgeable about pbbuttonsd?

These still need help!

> * http://people.ubuntu.com/patches/sysklogd.no-root.diff
>   (Debian bug: http://bugs.debian.org/35325)

I've emailed Martin Schulze, and he says he'll have a look in the next few

> * http://people.ubuntu.com/patches/sysvinit-quietinit.patch
>   (Debian bug: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=326677)
>   This patch added a "quietinit" boot parameter which would suppress the
>   "booting" message which was otherwise printed unconditionally.
>   It was since dropped in Ubuntu because it's no longer necessary as
>   the splash screen is started earlier.  Ubuntu subsequently switched to
>   upstart, so it is doubly unnecessary in Ubuntu.
>   It was filed in the Debian BTS by a Debian maintainer, and the bug is
>   still open, but I think there's probably no point in merging it at this
>   stage and it should be dropped.
>   Would it be OK to simply close this bug and withdraw the patch, or should
>   we have a discussion with the maintainers first?

I'm inclined to just close this bug as irrelevant unless I hear an objection
from someone.

Meanwhile, due to an apparent bug in debbugs, one of our patches had the
wrong status reported (the same bug was present in both index.db and
index.archive).  I've worked around that in the update script, and now we
have an addition to the list of outstanding patches;

* http://people.ubuntu.com/patches/dhcp3.client-send-hostname.patch
  (Debian bug: http://bugs.debian.org/151820)

  This functionality has apparently been implemented upstream in version
  4.2.0, so when that version is packaged, it should be closed.  4.2.0
  was released in July 2010, but missed the Squeeze freeze according to

  I don't think we need to do anything special with it, just wait for
  the new version to be packaged.

 - mdz

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