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Re: Fwd: Kicking off the ubuntu-packaging-guide project

Hello everybody,

Am 02/04/2011 01:46 PM, schrieb Stefano Zacchiroli:
> I was then wondering how we could better contribute to the work so that
> the guide is not only useful for Ubuntu, but also for Debian and, more
> generally, for all derivative distributions.

I'm very happy to see interest in the project. Iain and I worked on the
spec and the announce together and I think I should add a few comments
about where the project is coming from and which problem it is trying to

The Ubuntu Packaging Guide (or whatever it might be called in the near
future) is not trying to replace any existing documentation, like the
Debian Policy or the Debian New Maintainer's Guide.

Instead it's very simply trying to give answers to common questions like:

 * how do I update a package to a new upstream version,
 * how do I test-build a package,
 * how do I fix a small bug,
 * how do I propose change for inclusion in Ubuntu,
 * etc.

The biggest problem we have when training new developers is that there's
a million and one different ways to do it and a thousand and two
different tools that do the job. We want to provide a simple way that is
going to work out in most of the cases.

Of course there's always going to be a fine balance between "making it
simple" and "making it work in most cases" and there's obviously going
to be tension when trying to decide on whatever tool does the job.

I'm very interested to hear from others how we can solve problems
regarding distro-specific parts. The experience I'd love Ubuntu
contributors to have is that they get a guide they feel is tailored to
them, so for example if they intend to fix bug, they are also pointed to
Harvest (harvest.ubuntu.com) or Launchpad bugs, so they can check out
and see if the problem was already fixed by somebody else, also that
Ubuntu Distributed Development is mentioned and all the rest of it.

The modest start of the documentation can be viewed at

Thanks Stefano for passing this on.

Have a great day,

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