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On 9/14/2010 4:41 AM, Clement Lefebvre wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Before we talk about anything else, I would like to thank you and the
> Debian project for providing such a wonderful base. It's been the case
> since 2006, when we started using Debian via Ubuntu, and it's now
> clearer than ever with our newly released LMDE based directly on Debian
> Testing.

You're not the only ones jumping ship! CrunchBang has been moving to
Squeeze sources instead of grinding its teeth against Ubuntu for its 10

> I'm really excited about this and I look forward to a close cooperation
> between our two projects.

Isn't that what open source is all about? ;)

> My name is Clement Lefebvre, I'm the leader and founder of Linux Mint.
> I'll answer any question you may have and I'll act as the main contact.

<rant> Why the CSE? Why? I /left/ mint over that. </rant>

> I might also ask Ikey Doherty, one of our developers, who coded big
> parts of the live-installer and identified the steps involved in
> transforming Debian Testing into a live media, to join in and to be
> present on this ML.

CrunchBang has been doing live installs under Debian in their 10 alphas;
I've never used it but talk to them!

> Don't hesitate to ask questions, make remarks or send us feedback. We'll
> do the same here to send things your way. I hope we'll be able to work
> together in an easy and constructive way. There's quite a few things
> we'd be interested to see adopted upstream, so we'll see about this.


Morgan Gangwere

>> Why?
> Because it breaks the logical flow of conversation, plus makes
messages unreadable.
>>> Top-Posting is evil.

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