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Ubuntu Developer Week: 12th-16th July 2010

Hello everybody,

[ I thought this announcement might be interesting for this list too
  as there is Debian involvement in the event too and more importantly:
  we really share much more infrastructure across all derivatives of
  Debian than is really different.
  If you get a chance to re-send and inform others, I'd appreciate it! ]

Ubuntu Developer Week is back again, which means five days of
action-packed IRC sessions where you learn more about hacking on Ubuntu,
developing Ubuntu and how to interact with other projects.


We’ll have a fantastic time from July 12th 2010 to July 16th 2010, great
speakers, interesting sessions, lots of good questions and great people
who get to know each other.

If you’re new to Ubuntu Developer Week and what it is, check out the
general page [1], how to join in [2] and how it all works [3].

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek
[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/JoiningIn
[3] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Rules

Our sessions cover:

 * Getting involved with Ubuntu development, becoming a Kubuntu Ninja,
   Authoring Upstart jobs, Working With Translations, Having fun with
   Packaging QA
 * How Daily Builds work, Operation Cleansweep, Setting up a validation
   dashboard, Working with Merge Proposals, Working with Django,
   Adopting an Upstream, Forwarding Bugs and Patches Upstream
 * How to work with Debian, Ubuntu Server, Xubuntu and Edubuntu
   goodness, Kernel Triage
 * Widgetcraft, QT Quick, QML
 * Desktop goodness, Application Indicators, Rocking Papercuts
 * Lots of FUN

Please help spread the news, this will be an awesome opportunity to
learn more and get involved.

Have a great day,

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