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Re: Introducing EDELCA's DSLv2

[ full quote to the benefit of -blends@lists.d.o ]

Hi José, thanks for this information.

On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 06:36:01PM -0500, José Miguel Parrella Romero wrote:
> On 2007 I was hired by EDELCA, a power utility in Venezuela, to design
> and develop a Debian-based distribution to be used in up to 7,000 PCs
> nationwide, due to an internal policy of cost reductions and promotion
> of FLOSS usage and development.
> DSLv2 (Distribución de Software Libre) was born as a derivative, with a
> copy of the repository (much in a Ubuntu's "universe" fashion) and a
> local repository with some 1,000 packages. About 15% of the repository
> was developed locally (patches to existing packages, and .deb versions
> of non-distributable non-FLOSS non-native packages such as SAP GUI)
> Interesting additions included full LDAP integration with offline PAM
> support (nss-db, pam-ccreds), automatic daily updates leveraging a meta
> package and integration with two Puppet realms. The distribution ended
> up installed in about 2,000 workstations.
> The specific procedures for configuration were documented elsewhere, the
> installer was preseeded (fully unattended, based on optical and USB
> media due to a very complex network out of our reach) and arguably too
> few bugs and/or patches were sent back to Debian. However one of the
> employees was mentored by me and devotes some time to Debian.
> EDELCA, the main power utility in the country, and one of the most
> important worldwide (operates some of the biggest hydro dams) also uses
> Debian server-side in Caracas and Puerto Ordaz, operating mail services
> as well as proxies, VPNs, web servers, DNS/DHCP, LDAP servers et al.
> I left EDELCA on 2008 and AFAICT the project was stalled, but there are
> lots of users around, and several shortcomings (for example the need of
> automatic updating along with Debian) and in my particular opinion such
> a small, privately-developed derivative can't survive with 10% or more
> of their packaging developed in-house.

That is a pity, I think they should consider becoming a Debian Pure
Blend, even though I don't know if the changes they performed are
reconcilable or not. If EDELCA is interested in pursuing the
possibility, they should probably get in touch with
debian-derivatives@lists.d.o, which I'm Cc:-ing on this follow-up.

> I don't know who is in charge right now, and thus may be a proper point
> of contact, but I'm CCing Miguelangel Freitas from the end-user distro
> and Víctor Oñate from the Server side. I don't mind being a point of
> contact for DSLv2 at this moment.
> The following references are cleverly encrypted in spanish:
>   http://blog.bureado.com.ve/?tag=edelca
> http://www.scribd.com/doc/25185349/Experiencias-exitosas-en-el-uso-de-tecnologias-libres-en-EDELCA
>   http://aulavirtual.edelca.com.ve/
> http://www.scribd.com/doc/25185232/Diseno-e-implementacion-de-la-Distribucion-de-Software-Libre-basada-en-Debian-de-EDELCA


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