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Re: Introducing Canaima GNU/Linux 2.0

On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 06:35:58PM -0500, José Miguel Parrella Romero wrote:
> On 2008, ONUVA, my consulting firm, was commissioned by the Venezuelan
> government (Centro Nacional de Tecnologías de Información) to design and
> develop a Debian derivative to be "tropicalized" for Venezuela, which
> ended up being called Canaima GNU/Linux 2.0

Hi José, thanks for this post informing us about Canaima!

> Canaima has an impressive market share in Venezuela. It is not only used
> in hundreds of workstations of the government, but also it's pre
> installed on tenths of thousands of desktops and laptops produced by the
> Venezolana de Industrias Tecnológicas factory in Falcón.

Very much interesting, would you mind following the instructions at
http://www.debian.org/misc/children-distros to hava Canaima listed on
that page?

[ Shameless plug for the other -derivatives participants: we should
  really re-evaluate all the distros listed there and possibly make some
  noise to do a proper indexing of Debian-based distributions ... ]

> A local community handles development. Some bugs were issued against
> Debian but no constant collaboration seems to be happening. Developers
> of Canaima are heavily involved in Debian, too. Venezuela's government
> is a heavy user of Debian in servers and desktops alike.

It is good to see that bugs get forward, although it's a pity that no
constant collaboration is happening. Do you have an idea on why it is
the case? (it might be that simply "it's not needed", but usually there
are deeper reasons) Let me advance a suggestion too: usertag in someway
the bug that get forward to Debian, so that in the future it would be
possible/easier to have a summary of the bugs coming from Canaima (and
for you to check their states in term of open/closed/...).


PS if Canaima is interested in follow this kind of derivatives
   discussions, people there might want to join the
   debian-derivatives@lists.debian.org mailing list, to which
   derivatives@debian.org points

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