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Re: Documentation: When to Upstream…

On Thu, 24 Jun 2010 23:09:23 +0200, Torsten Werner <twerner@debian.org> wrote:
> I wonder how often patch submission to Debian are just ignored
> (without applying the patch or giving the submitter any feedback). Is
> that a real problem? Do you have any numbers? Should we find a
> solution?

Thanks to Lucas we can actually have some insight here.

In http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_usertag.cgi it says that the
"ubuntu-patch" usertag has been used 1344 times, of the patches
submitted through the BTS where that tag was used


says that 260 are still just "Outstanding."

Without looking at the bugs, and so assuming that some are being dealt
with, that's not such a bad ratio. My own experience tells me that it is
safe to assume that they are not all in progress.

It does show that there are a fair number of contributions from Ubuntu,
which everyone is keen to have, are being ignored though.

Unfortunately there is no temporal data to go along with this, so we
can't look at median time to close or anything.



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