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Re: About us derivatives

On 22 June 2010 12:56, Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@deb.at> wrote:
>        Hi!
> * Dmitrijs Ledkovs <dmitrij.ledkov@gmail.com> [2010-06-22 13:04:38 CEST]:
>> On the debian.org website on the left-hand side about section lists: Social
>> Contract, Free Software, Partners, Donations, Contact Us.
>> How about adding "Derivatives" page there. Explaining that Debian is
>> powering high-profile or specialist derivatives. This way we can leverage on
>> derivates brands and show that debian is so good that ~ half of distro's out
>> there are based on debian =)
>  We already have this page:
> <http://www.debian.org/misc/children-distros> I guess adding to that a
> link to the wiki page about <http://wiki.debian.org/DerivativesFrontDesk>
> wouldn't hurt. Suggestions how to do that properly are welcome I guess,
> actually this would be more a topic for debian-www@lists.debian.org (if
> we can agree on what direction we want to go) than for here, to get it
> done. This is true for all requests for changes to that page btw., not
> really just related to the topics of this list.
>  Said that, having it right in the navigation bar might give the wrong
> impression. Actually the Debian website tries to keep users and
> developers interested in Debian itself, not in one of its derivates.
> Hope you don't mind. ;)

yes i understand that =)

But I think derivatives can be played as an advantage to use Debian.

As in "Debian is so good that many people adapt it for their needs.
Why not use Debian directly and not be affected by delays or
disappearance of a derivative? If you want to customize Debian why not
look at the Debian-Blends and create your debian flavour within our
infrastructure. Debian works on more platforms then any other
distribution and provides universal software platform for whatever
your needs are. Here is a list of example work that has benefit from
Debian's high-quality work."

And list the derivatives roughly by brand awareness  / popularity / importance.

With nice marketing stubs:
Kubuntu - a KDE based derivative based on Ubuntu and Debian.

_Why not use Debian-KDE blend instead? Available on installation CD
and as Debian Live CD_

Currently the derivatives page looks like a community built-in board.
Instead it should reflect that Debian is amazing software platform and
"don't trust our words, look these brands/distribution are leveraging
on our work"

>  Enjoy!
> Rhonda
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