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Re: historical data of usertagged bugs

Hi Holger,

On 19/05/14 at 13:28 +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi,
> since today there is a nice graph on the frontpage of  
> https://piuparts.debian.org/  showing the number of filed + open bugs 
> usertagged piuparts.
> Sadly, this graph is slightly incorrect (the stacking is wrong) and not as 
> meaningful (it doesnt show RC vs non-RC bugs) as it could be. And it only 
> starts in 2013, and not in 2005.
> For that, I need historical data though.
> So far, I did this:
> # query bts
> ALL=$(bts select usertag:piuparts users:debian-qa@lists.debian.org 
> archive:both 2>/dev/null|wc -l)
> OPEN=$(bts select usertag:piuparts users:debian-qa@lists.debian.org 
> status:open 2>/dev/null|wc -l)
> which gives me a nice list of 2536 bugs, the oldest being #227885 (though 
> probably #331110/2005-10-01 should be used as a starting date, as piuparts 
> didnt exist when #227885 was filed..) 
> Now what I really want is a table with the following five columns and data 
> going back to 2005:
> date,open rc bugs, open other bugs, fixed rc bugs, fixed other bugs.
> This shouldn't be too hard to create, but using /usr/bin/bts seems suboptimal 
> at best, also because its not possible to use usertags with "limit" and there 
> is no option to "select" a date. (Or I failed to grasp /usr/bin/bts properly.)
> Hints welcome.

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to do what you want to achieve, as I
don't think that we keep any historical bugs data outside of the bug
What you could do is parse the bug log to try to rebuild the history of
state changes. But that's very error prone.


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