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historical data of usertagged bugs


since today there is a nice graph on the frontpage of  
https://piuparts.debian.org/  showing the number of filed + open bugs 
usertagged piuparts.

Sadly, this graph is slightly incorrect (the stacking is wrong) and not as 
meaningful (it doesnt show RC vs non-RC bugs) as it could be. And it only 
starts in 2013, and not in 2005.

For that, I need historical data though.

So far, I did this:

# query bts
ALL=$(bts select usertag:piuparts users:debian-qa@lists.debian.org 
archive:both 2>/dev/null|wc -l)
OPEN=$(bts select usertag:piuparts users:debian-qa@lists.debian.org 
status:open 2>/dev/null|wc -l)

which gives me a nice list of 2536 bugs, the oldest being #227885 (though 
probably #331110/2005-10-01 should be used as a starting date, as piuparts 
didnt exist when #227885 was filed..) 

Now what I really want is a table with the following five columns and data 
going back to 2005:

date,open rc bugs, open other bugs, fixed rc bugs, fixed other bugs.

This shouldn't be too hard to create, but using /usr/bin/bts seems suboptimal 
at best, also because its not possible to use usertags with "limit" and there 
is no option to "select" a date. (Or I failed to grasp /usr/bin/bts properly.)

Hints welcome.


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