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Bug#693294: Send nnn@ mail to both the old maintainer and new maintainer when a bug is reassigned using control pseudoheaders

Package: debbugs
Severity: wishlist

00:34:59 <pabs> I'd like to see reassign mail both maintainers too, IIRC it doesn't mail the maintainer of the new package 
                right now
00:35:46 <dondelelcaro> pabs: it should mail both maintainers
00:36:08 <jcristau> pabs: the maintainer of the new package gets the 'Processed' message
00:36:42 <jcristau> (which is not terribly useful)
00:36:52 <pabs> ah yes
00:37:21 <dondelelcaro> the reason why the nnn@ message can't e-mail both maintainers, is because the bug isn't in the right 
                        package at nnn@ time
00:38:44 <dondelelcaro> though I suppose the right way to actually do that is to change how control@ messages are handled, and 
                        send the original message as an attachment to the transcript or something
00:40:07 <dondelelcaro> or just make the control psuedoheader to the right thing for nnn@ messages and mail both recipients, 
                        which it can certainly do
00:40:32 <dondelelcaro> (since it'll know the recipients before and after the control commands have taken effect.)

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