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Re: Interaction between clone and Control pseudo-header

On Thu, 01 Nov 2012, Samuel Bronson wrote:
> >I just used a clone in a Control pseudo-header and was wondering
> >what would happen if one used something like this (didn't want to
> >try in fear of possibly messing up the bug report):
> >
> >  Control: clone -1
> >  Control: retitle -1 new title
> >  Control: reassign -1 new package
> >
> >Would the -1 shadow the current bug number, would that fail or would
> >it be kept referring to it? I guess it would be nice to document that
> >in bugs.debian.org.
> I didn't see any documentation for the "Control:" pseudo-header
> beyond that it exists and (in some unexplained manner) allows
> control@ commands in normal messages [1].

You literally just stick normal control commands in the mail. However,
I've expanded the example more completely.

Don Armstrong

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