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Re: debbugs (newbies) sprint

After the reasonably successful debbugs skill excange, Zack mentioned
this to me.  I'm interested/willing to help, but as I said my knollage
is only in a small part of the BTS.  (I havn't been following this
mailing list recently, I should re-subscribe.)

I think as a early step in planning this, we should get a list of
locations (city (state) country) where people would be coming from.
I'm willing to collect this, email this to me if you would like to
attend and I'll summerize to the list.

gobby.debian.net is currently offline being shipped back to paris.  If
someone has a copy of the gobby document from the skills exchange I'd
like it, I was planning on beefing it out a bit and making a small
intro to the bts document.  (I don't think there is one other than the

Oh well, I need to get ready to leave Bosnia.  Debconf was great as

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