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Bug#565981: debbugs: Debbugs::MIME::parse doesn't handle PGP Signed messages with \r correctly

On Wed, 20 Jan 2010, Mike Hommey wrote:
> #532828 is an example of a bug with a PGP signed report message with
> \r. Debbugs::MIME::parse doesn't handle this case correctly, leading
> to the returned message being empty after it strips off
> RFC2440-style PGP clearsigning.
>      # Strip off RFC2440-style PGP clearsigning.
>      if (@bodylines and $bodylines[0] =~ /^-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED/) {
> -	shift @bodylines while @bodylines and length $bodylines[0];
> +	shift @bodylines while @bodylines and $bodylines[0] =~ /\S/;

This is too broad. It should be:
              and length $bodylines[0] and $bodylines[0] ne qq(\r);

>  	shift @bodylines while @bodylines and $bodylines[0] !~ /\S/;
>  	for my $findsig (0 .. $#bodylines) {
>  	    if ($bodylines[$findsig] =~ /^-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE/) {

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