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Re: About querying bugs via LDAP

On Fri, 31 Aug 2007, Dario Minnucci (midget) wrote:
> Ok, this doc is enough for me. but, just last question I can not resolve by
> myself...
> How do I get a list of bugs modified since a given timestamp?
> Is it possible using SOAP.pm?. If not, would be a great feature to keep track of
> modified bugs in order to update remote DBs (my case).

It's currently not possible to do a search like this (though this
information is something that the bug tracking system uses itself to
update its own set of indices.)

I'd actually be more interesting in making remote databases less
necessary than allowing this type of query (at least, alone; it would
be valid to, given a list of bugs (or a query which returned one),
only return those bugs which were modified after a specific time.)

Don Armstrong

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