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Re: About querying bugs via LDAP

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Hi again,

Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Aug 2007, Dario Minnucci (midget) wrote:
>> Don Armstrong wrote:
>>> On Thu, 30 Aug 2007, Dario Minnucci (midget) wrote:
>>>> Does anybody here can answer a few questions about querying bugs using LDAP?
>>> You're actually better off using the SOAP interface.
>> I was told on the IRC at channel #debug, to take a look at
>> http://wiki.debian.org/DebbugsSoapInterface
>> I'm currently playing a bit with SOAP.pm and trying to understand how it works.
>> Seems that has real-time access to the data source, and that's great.
> Yeah, it runs right on top of the BTS.

I see. Cool! ;-)

>>>> Addition of a new field:
>>>> ------------------------
>>>> Is it possible to have a field a new field that provides the last modification
>>>> timestam. For instance: 'debbugsLastModified: 1188487383' or something similar?
>>> This is exposed by get_status
>> I'm still trying to figure out how to query the datasource to get records from a
>>  given timestamp 'till now.
>> Is there any other available documentation/usage examples apart of the one under
>> http://wiki.debian.org/DebbugsSoapInterface ?
> http://bugs.debian.org/debbugs-source/mainline/Debbugs/SOAP.pm
> has pod documentation which is where I keep everything documented; the
> wiki may or not be as accurate.

Ok, this doc is enough for me. but, just last question I can not resolve by

How do I get a list of bugs modified since a given timestamp?
Is it possible using SOAP.pm?. If not, would be a great feature to keep track of
modified bugs in order to update remote DBs (my case).

Thanks again Don for your work!

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