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Re: Manipulating bug reports through SOAP

Em Qui, 2007-08-09 às 19:59 -0700, Don Armstrong escreveu:
> On Thu, 09 Aug 2007, Gustavo R. Montesino wrote:
> > Just wondering... is there any SOAP function available or planned to
> > allow manipulating the bug reports? Stuff like setting tags, marking
> > bugs as forwarded, done, etc.
> Nope; all of this should be done using e-mail. It's easy enough to
> connect to port 25 or submit and send properly formatted emails
> instead.

It would be cool to have a SOAP API as it would allow an application to
receive a immediate response about the success of the operation. I can
send a mail on my application (I'm currently setting bugs as forwarded
through devscripts on bug-triage), but I've no way to make sure this
will work, or not. So I can't change the information on the interface
before it's effectively changed in the BTS and the user reloads its
query, which feels a bit inconsistent, eg, "I've set this bug as
forwarded, why it show as not forwarded?", at least for new users.

Gustavo R. Montesino

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