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Re: Processed: Re: Bug#430822: The acknowledgement mail should contain a http://bugs.debian.org/nnnnnn link to the bug.

>> Bah. That's why i don't like all that Visual WEB 2.0 AJAX
>> implemented in Java(R) using XML boys.
> How does simply tacking a plain-text line with the string
> "http://bugs.debian.org/nnnnnn"; onto the end of the e-mail, or including
> it in an RFC2822 mail header, have anything to do with AJAX, Java, XML,
> or any such buzzwords?

That was sarcasm. Because IMHO that people lost imagination after all
that brain washing.

> I'm not convinced that modifying outgoing e-mail messages is a good
> idea, and perhaps a custom header would be better (although note that
> lists.debian.org already modifies message bodies with no trouble); I
> have no love for XML either, but your attempt to equate it with this set
> of bugs is sorely misguided.

I was talking about visual representation of the messages, not
modifying them.

Sorry if that was not clear.

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