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Resultados 4o Periodo. Encuesta 5o Periodo. Integridad Pública. Candidatos Presidenciales Bug#136654: did you see that movie Bug#14043: marked as done ([] Allow for forcibly merging bugs) Bug#168213: marked as done ( merging should be allowed in different "forwarded to" states) Bug#204893: marked as done ([] Allow leading spaces before pseudo-headers) Bug#228049: ear_n your de_gree_ in lesss then 2_weeks_ Bug#280600: looking for someone? Bug#286792: marked as done (allow bugs to be forcibly merged with different severities/tags) Bug#321888: acknowledged by developer (Blocks/Blocked-by bugs need to be blocked the same way) Bug#321888: marked as done (merge is overly picky) Bug#334000: marked as done (different values for blocks should not prevent merging of bug reports) Bug#364803: [] reassign doesn't work with multiple packages+versions. Bug#88722: did you see that movie Bug#88722: Thought you may be interested Processed: hrm... those actually were merged Processed: merging with the forcemerge bug Processed: Re: Bug#361795: Please show reassigned bugs on the page of the original package Processed: Re: Bug#362789: please implement query by owner Processed: Re: Bug#364026: attempts to just-send-eight, which is not allowed Processed: reassign 214849 to debbugs, merging 214849 345407 Processed: reassign 310720 to, merging 310720 225757 Processed: reassign this bug to debbugs Processed: retitle 214849 to debbugs: please add searching by owner ... ... The last update was on 06:22 GMT Sun May 19. There are 25 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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