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Bug#351856: header for auto-subscription of submitter to bugs

Package: debbugs
Severity: wishlist

quoted with permission:

00:15 < madduck> are there any BTS people around?
00:15 < ari> he quit freenode
00:15 < ari> don kinda works on bts
00:15 < madduck> right. dondelelcaro?
00:15 < ari> yup
00:15 < madduck> ari: (that was supposed to trigger his client... ;^>)
00:15 < ari> i figure
00:15 < dondelelcaro> madduck: ?
00:16 < madduck> wow, it works. :)
00:16 < madduck> dondelelcaro: just had a quick thought and wanted to get 
                 aj's/yours/someone's opinion.
00:16 < madduck> dondelelcaro: submitters aren't (yet) subscribed to their bugs 
                 by default.
00:16 < dondelelcaro> yes
00:16 < ari> well there's a reason -submitter is separate
00:17 < madduck> how difficult would it be to add an X-* header to allow a 
                 submitter to be automatically subscribed?
00:17 < madduck> like X-Debbugs-Cc I mean.
00:17 < madduck> X-Debbugs-Subscribe: please
00:18 < dondelelcaro> madduck: we need a shared secret between the bts and what's 
                      doing the list subscription; I can do it right now if 
                      people don't mind dealing with the subscription confirmation
00:18 < madduck> i think the confirmation is good and necessary.
00:19 < madduck> is it not too much trouble to implement? i suppose it's a 
                 headercheck and an email sent, huh?
00:19 < dondelelcaro> no, it's fairly simple.
00:19 < madduck> even simpler?
00:19 < dondelelcaro> just a few lines in process.in would do it
00:20 < madduck> this may just be a turnaround record for IRC communication in 
                 Debian wishlist procedure.
00:20 < madduck> :)
00:20 < dondelelcaro> well, that would require me to actually implement it and 
                      test it... which will take a while;
00:20 < madduck> yeah hey... no stress.
00:20 < madduck> at least i got the idea out?
00:20 < madduck> want me to file a bug against b.d.o or debbugs?
00:20 < dondelelcaro> debbugs is probably best
00:21 < madduck> consider it done; can i just quote?
00:21 < dondelelcaro> but yeah, file the bug I'll stick it on the todo list... 
                      I'll probably nail it with the rest of the "do more 
                      intelligent stuff with pseudo headers" things
00:21 < dondelelcaro> madduck: sure, go right ahead

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