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Hey all,

After many days of frustration, I finally managed to get my debbugs installation up and running, and I'm now doing the final tweaks and compatability changes before I package it up and put it into production.

One thing that I'm wondering about is the "package page" which debbugs seems to want to use. If you look at the list of bugs for a particular package using the web interface, at the top of the screen there is a link to visit the "package page" for this particular package, which, by default, sends you to packages.debian.org/package-name. If you take the link, you end up getting to a page on debian that uses a cgi script "search_packages.pl". Obviously, since I'm using a non-official package in my local test environment, the script comes up telling me that no such package could be found. If you do the same thing with a _real_ package (using debian's debbugs web interface, for instance) then you get a nice little page with links to the various versions that this package has.

So I guess the question is, what is this cgi script, and/or how can I reproduce it? Or is there any other way to get this functionality for my own installation? I know the script isn't included in the debbugs package, and I suspect that it is something the folks at debian made for themselves, although I could be wrong. It's always possible, though, for me to write a simple script that would output the control file from all of our custom packages into a directory, and point my installation to that folder...

Thanks for your help and insight, everybody. :)

// Jonathan R. Lynch
// WVU LCSEE Systems
// mad pwner of noobs

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