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Bug#71879: about voting for bugs

Paul Brossier <piem@altern.org> writes:

> Hi,
> With all these great news about the BTS these days, it would be nice to
> think about adding a voting feature: a way to count the number of users
> that are annoyed by each bug. It could be either a simple way to submit
> a follow-up to say 'hey, i faced this one too', either just a button on
> bugreport.cgi, or something else.

I would prefer a "subscribe" for bugs. If I am a user that hits the
same bug I want to get mails send so nnn-submitter and especialy want
to get a mail when the bug gets closed. I don't want to subscribe to
the PTS, just the one bug.

The number of people subscribed to a bug (number of people in the
submitter field) would be your vote count.

On that note, is it already possible to change the submitter to
"foo@bar.de,blub@blurb.org" to get two submitters? In that case it
would just need a nicer interface and someone counting.

> Provided the system gets used, this could help us to evaluate the
> priorities of our users, highlight bugs that annoy the most users, and
> have another view on WNPP packages. This should also encourage
> maintainers to send updates to the BTS.
> just my 2¢, forgive me if i missed previous related threads,
> Paul

I think (except for a few realy big cases like gnome, kde or xfree)
that maintainers that care about their package will keep the bug count
at 0 or near enough and fix any new issue quickly. Packages with lots
of bugs, and only there the voting would be benefitial, tend to have
maintainers that don't care anyway.

So while this might show bugs that are damn anoying to everyone it
might not get them fixed any sooner.

Just my 2c and I still want the subscribtion feature.


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