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Bug#71879: about voting for bugs

On Wed, 20 Jul 2005, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

To get some indication on the order the bugs should be solved in?  As
we have limited time and people, it is smart to start with the bugs
affecting most people.
IMHO this might lead to the wrong assumption that bugs with only one
vote have lower priority to become fixed.  It might perfectly possible
that - for whatever reason - the people who are concerned by the bug
just do not report bugs.  I know several people (if you like call them
the "stupid users") who did not even noticed that you can report bugs.
If one of these users with very basic skills found a bug and managed to
report it, but others didn't the bug will be lost amongst the others
of the "noisy" users which are basically developers and tend to be
much more skilled in using the BTS.  So the reslut would probably be that
we fix the bugs of "skilled" people more often than of these of the
"not so skilled" users.

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