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Re: spam fighting and the bts

In article <[🔎] 20040405142253.GG1662@deadbeast.net> branden@debian.org writes:
>On Sat, Apr 03, 2004 at 07:33:54PM -0600, Adam Heath wrote:
>> Twice in the last 4 days the queue has been bombarded with spams.
>> Colin cleaned out 15000 a few days ago, and yesterday, I cleaned out
>> 21000.
>Jesus Christ.  I knew it was bad because when the BTS gets spammed,
>debian-x does too, thanks to some of XFree86's geriatric open bugs.
>But I didn't know it was *that* bad.

Spamassassin on the bts is catching 30,000 - 50,000 spams/day.  The
procmail rules catch some more.

Recent improvements have reduced the amount of spam getting through
from saveral hundred a day.  I hope to be able to keep it down to
under 10/day like today.

Blars Blarson			blarson@blars.org
With Microsoft, failure is not an option.  It is a standard feature.

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