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Re: Bug tracking system moved to spohr

[Move from debian-devel-announce to debian-debbugs]

On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 11:24:16PM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
> With any luck, most people won't notice too much in the way of
> difference for the moment. The main exception will be people who are
> running BTS-related scripts on master. For the moment, you don't need to
> do anything. spohr is currently restricted-access (which may change - I
> think James will be posting about this and auric/klecker soon), but the
> BTS scripts and spool data will continue to be mirrored to master in the
> same place as before, so your scripts should keep working transparently.

I made a framework similar to claims and lsb for l10n tagged bugs to
sort them by language, and at the moment it needs a cron job to do this
task.  My plan is to copy master:~barbier/l10nbug/cgi-bin/ to
spohr:/org/bugs.debian.org/bugi18n/ and create a symlink
  /org/bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/l10n.cgi -> ../bugi18n/l10n.cgi
Under master:~barbier/l10nbug/cgi-bin/ there are:
 * l10n.cgi     the CGI script, based upon claims.cgi
 * l10n         directory containing bug lists
 * update-l10n  cron job, parses newly created bugreports with l10n tag,
                searches for keywords to determine their language
		and appends bugnumber to the right file.
The update-l10n script runs very fast on master (few seconds when run
the first time, and less than a second when the l10n directory is
already populated), so this script might be run hourly.  
Can this framework get installed?


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