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Re: RC bug tracking (was handling open security problems in woody with the BTS (here: thekernel)[was: Re: Bug#176178 acknowledged by developer (do not reopen)])

On Tue, 8 Apr 2003, Colin Watson wrote:

> If you want to help, I suggest waiting until we can do more than talk;
> wait until we can run a real prototype alongside the BTS for a while.
> Then all the abstract discussion will be a lot more real, and ideas
> about policy and defaults and such will be much more valuable.
> (Is anybody else on -debbugs already working on prototyping something
> like this?)
A prototype would require a web site, a domain name, access to a MTA...

Lynx? Should/could curl or wget be used instead/alternatively?

Alioth projects are provided with some of this. HP's testdrive doesn't
allow incoming on anything but telnet&ftp. Sourceforge and Savannah
doesn't seem any more suitable than Alioth. I don't have an always
connected computer anymore. So it looks like either another volunteer or
one of Debian's project machines (http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi) needs
to be used.

 - GNU date
 - GNU gzip
 - Perl 5 (5.005 is known to work)
 - Mailtools and MIME-tools perl modules to manipulate email
 - Lynx 2.7 or later
 - The bug system requires its own mail domain.  It comes with code
   which understands how exim, qmail and sendmail deliver mail for such a
   domain to a script.
 - A webserver (this is easiest if the bug system can write
   directly to the webspace).
 - Somewhere to run CGI scripts (unless you don't need the web forms for
   searching for bugs by number, package, maintainer or submitter).

     Drew Daniels

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