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Solicitud de Información [dak/master] 2 new aliases to deal with ssh persistent connections [dak/master] Actually enable DELAYED/DEFERRED handling [dak/master] Add config for usper, change moveftp to deal with usper [dak/master] Add Public-Key-Pins http header on api.ftp-master.d.o [dak/master] Add usper, remove franck [dak/master] adjust valid_files to allow the rsync partial files again [dak/master] Allow to query for files in archive, closes: #840250 [dak/master] and another path fix [dak/master] Before processing unchecked fetch new packages from usper [dak/master] Cleanup urgency log after 15 days [dak/master] coccia sends to usper now [dak/master] ControlMaster only for upload-master [dak/master] Different path [dak/master] Don't build deferred queue html on fasolo [dak/master] Fix arguments to find [dak/master] Fix identityfile path [dak/master] Inform archvsync when new packages enter the build queues [dak/master] Mark filepattern as type path to let bottle do the right thing [dak/master] Merge into a third dir, fetch from there. [dak/master] No more debianqueued on ftp-master [dak/master] On usper we look for files older than 5 minutes, not 15 [dak/master] Other queues go to usper too [dak/master] Remove the headers from the Contents files (Closes: #841997) [dak/master] ssh config: revert using persistent connections [dak/master] tools/ Fix guid value [dak/master] Ups, 0-day exists too [dak/master] Use [dak/master] use master.u.d.o hostname, not usper [dak/master] Usper now collects files from all upload queue hosts [GIT PULL] api.ftp-master.d.o apache config update [GIT PULL] urgency log cleanup [PATCH 1/2] Let apt_pkg.TagFile open and uncompress the files [PATCH 1/3] Let apt_pkg.TagFile open and uncompress the files [PATCH 2/2] cruft-report: Prefer .xz files over .gz [PATCH 2/3] Add a function to find a (possibly compressed) file [PATCH 3/3] Look for compressions other than .gz [PATCH] Fix arguments to find Bug 821051 - package signing for secure boot - patches for dak Re: Bug#821051: [PATCH v2] byhand-code-sign: sign using another user Heads-up: Switching internal dpkg arch representation to quadruplets The last update was on 16:55 GMT Sat Jun 15. There are 42 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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