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Cómo Exportar en la Venezuela de Hoy, Es Posible ? Transporte de Carga - Alquiler de Maquinaria de Construcción y Grúas [dak/master] Add trailing comma to reduce diff noise. [dak/master] Allow the p-u-comment trigger from coccia as well [dak/master] Avoid clumsy index/pop with "remove", [dak/master] Clarify what this set is for. [dak/master] debianqueued: be more restrictive with accepted filenames [dak/master] Drop semicolons [dak/master] Drop unnecessary lambda [dak/master] Drop unnecessary list comprehension. [dak/master] Fix relative times in queue_report [dak/master] Implement DInstall::UploadMailRecipients to control recipients of upload mails [dak/master] Indend to match. [dak/master] No need for docstring here [dak/master] No need to assign ru and rd [dak/master] No need to check len(..) [dak/master] s/utcnow/utcfromtimestamp/ [dak/master] Show the absolute age as a hover/title interaction with the relative one. [dak/master] Space out operators [dak/master] Tidy imports [dak/master] Use 4-space indentation [dak/master] Use _ instead of undef; more Pythonic [dak/master] Use `socket.getfqdn()` [GIT BRANCH] dominate: Add --days option to domainate [PATCH] CC the prodder with their "" account to avoid losing replies. [PATCH] REJECT-FAQ: Fix typo [website/master] Correct name [website/master] Dot-underline abbreviations. [website/master] REJECT-FAQ: Fix typo [website/master] Revert to non-ribbon logo, although keep in repo. The last update was on 20:22 GMT Wed Jun 05. There are 31 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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