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[dak/master] Drop unnecessary lambda

 dak/queue_report.py | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/dak/queue_report.py b/dak/queue_report.py
index 99fce42..6c2a85f 100755
--- a/dak/queue_report.py
+++ b/dak/queue_report.py
@@ -534,7 +534,7 @@ def process_queue(queue, log, rrd_dir):
                 elif i == "nf":
                     # Notes first.
-    entries.sort(lambda x, y: sortfunc(x, y))
+    entries.sort(sortfunc)
     # Yes, in theory you can add several sort options at the commandline with. But my mind is to small
     # at the moment to come up with a real good sorting function that considers all the sidesteps you
     # have with it. (If you combine options it will simply take the last one at the moment).
@@ -581,7 +581,7 @@ def process_queue(queue, log, rrd_dir):
     if Cnf.has_key("Queue-Report::Options::New"):
-        entries.sort(lambda x, y: sortfunc(x, y))
+        entries.sort(sortfunc)
         # Output for a html file. First table header. then table_footer.
         # Any line between them is then a <tr> printed from subroutine table_row.
         if len(entries) > 0:

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