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[dak/master] A bit more logging, and newoverview in hourly runs backgrounded [dak/master] A for loop like a done, not a fi, at the end [dak/master] A for loop likes a done at the end, who would have thought? [dak/master] Add another contributor source, listing the git repos as patch_contributors [dak/master] Add Changelogs field to Release file [dak/master] Add option to not check arch:all rdeps [dak/master] Add program to remove old packages from debug suites [dak/master] Add yearly cronjob [dak/master] Adjust common functions [dak/master] Adjust cronscripts to end up with just one [dak/master] Adjust crontab [dak/master] Adjust ERR state for many functions [dak/master] Adjust the mirror function to be generic [dak/master] Adjust the regexes used for DEP-11 files [dak/master] Also allow '-' in suffix of .buildinfo files [dak/master] Also allow access to the lintian.tags file [dak/master] Also fallback to component from binary for non-NEW uploads [dak/master] Also generate pdiff files for source Contents [dak/master] Also handle "debian-debug" archive. [dak/master] And away with the old scripts [dak/master] And it seems like apache doesn't like abolute paths in <Files> [dak/master] Archive queue/done in monthly cronjob [dak/master] autocruft doesnt care about args, so why bother [dak/master] Check the new tree, not the public one [dak/master] Comments, loads of comments [dak/master] cron.hourly locks itself [dak/master] daklib/ Silently accept and discard .buildinfo files [dak/master] debianqueued: keep .buildinfo files [dak/master] debug packages now also have "Auto-Built-Package: debug-symbols" [dak/master] Debug packages should not go to NEW even for binary-only uploads [dak/master] dep11 people not knowing their own layout poooooooooor dep11 [dak/master] dinstall: also push debug mirrors [dak/master] dominate: Do not attempt delete rows during dry-run [dak/master] dominate: Do not open log files with -n [dak/master] dominate: Use a bulk DELETE [dak/master] Don't overwrite mirrordir variable [dak/master] dont hardcode testing/unstable names, use an extra var for dep11dir [dak/master] ensure boolean values are true/false only [dak/master] Fix cd [dak/master] Fix pdiff Index file hardlink handling [dak/master] Fix typos in the documentation [dak/master] Fixup columns. second is ARGS not TIME [dak/master] Generate "extrafiles", (closes: #752134) [dak/master] generate SHA256 hashes for pdiff patches [dak/master] Get rid of lots of repetitions calling stage [dak/master] Guard against non-existing tracefiles (eg. new archive) [dak/master] Handle yearly cronjobs [dak/master] Include all source packages in index [dak/master] Include AppStream metadata from the generator server [dak/master] include hashsum for compressed patch file in .diff/Index [dak/master] Loadsa changes to make new cronscript way work [dak/master] local is nice for variables in functions [dak/master] Make contributor submissions work again [dak/master] Make homepage URLs (nofollow) links. [dak/master] Move 3 update- scripts into dinstall.functions/tasks proper [dak/master] Move ddaccess sync out of the locked area and background it [dak/master] New files in Release file - adjust the check [dak/master] notify about errors, dont stop script [dak/master] Only have an underscore in stagefile if args is non-empty [dak/master] Only mirror for ftp-master and backports [dak/master] PackageLists do not quite behave like a list of actual binaries [dak/master] Pass suite name to the autobyhand scripts [dak/master] Remember if a file is not on snapshot, don't try every run [dak/master] Remove an indirection [dak/master] remove more unused code [dak/master] Remove unused `session` variable [dak/master] remove unused code [dak/master] Rotate REPORT files [dak/master] Run dak manage-debug-suites. [dak/master] s/true/false/ [dak/master] Sort extrafiles [dak/master] SQLAlchemy version 1.0 might also be okay [dak/master] ssh in a while loop really wants -n [dak/master] Target dir may not yet exist [dak/master] Use an alias for lintian.tags [dak/master] Use log() not echo() to get timestamps [dak/master] Use Priority/Section from package as a fallback [dak/master] Various [PATCH] Fix typos in the documentation [PATCH] Pass suite name to the autobyhand scripts [PATCH] REJECT-FAQ: Fix typos [website/master] Add backports-new [website/master] Switch logo (and store them locally) Re: Changelog URI in Release and Hashes in .diff/Index The last update was on 11:24 GMT Tue Jun 04. There are 87 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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