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[dak/master] Adjust ERR state for many functions

Somehow they got turned around and false, but for those we want
it true - and actually error out when they have trouble
 config/debian/dinstall.tasks | 39 +++++++++++++++++++--------------------
 1 file changed, 19 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)

diff --git a/config/debian/dinstall.tasks b/config/debian/dinstall.tasks
index 79ae575..a817b8a 100644
--- a/config/debian/dinstall.tasks
+++ b/config/debian/dinstall.tasks
@@ -2,41 +2,40 @@
 STATE                  startup                    none                       false   false
 NOSTAGE                startup                    none                       false   false
 savetimestamp          none                       none                       false   false
-qa1                    none                       init                       true    true
-pg_timestamp           predinstall                pg_dump1                   false   false
 updates                none                       External\ Updates          false   false
+pg_timestamp           predinstall                pg_dump1                   true    false
 i18n1                  none                       i18n\ 1                    false   false
 dep11                  none                       dep11\ 1                   false   false
 NOSTAGE                lockaccepted               none                       false   false
 punew                  stable-new                 p-u-new                    false   false
 opunew                 oldstable-new              o-p-u-new                  false   false
 backports_policy       none                       backports-policy           false   false
-cruft                  none                       cruft                      false   false
+cruft                  none                       cruft                      true    false
 STATE                  indices                    none                       false   false
-dominate               none                       dominate                   false   false
-autocruft              none                       autocruft                  false   false
+dominate               none                       dominate                   true    false
+autocruft              none                       autocruft                  true    false
 fingerprints           none                       import-keyring             false   false
-overrides              none                       overrides                  false   false
+overrides              none                       overrides                  true    false
 mpfm                   none                       pkg-file-mapping           false   false
-STATE                  packages/contents          none                       false   false
-packages               none                       apt-ftparchive             false   false
+STATE                  packages/contents          none                       true    false
+packages               none                       apt-ftparchive             true    false
 STATE                  dists/                     none                       false   false
-pdiff                  none                       pdiff                      false   false
-release                none                       release\ files             false   false
-dakcleanup             none                       cleanup                    false   false
+pdiff                  none                       pdiff                      true    false
+release                none                       release\ files             true    false
+dakcleanup             none                       cleanup                    true    false
 STATE                  scripts                    none                       false   false
-mkmaintainers          none                       mkmaintainers              false   false
-copyoverrides          none                       copyoverrides              false   false
-mklslar                none                       mklslar                    false   false
-mkfilesindices         none                       mkfilesindices             false   false
-mkchecksums            none                       mkchecksums                false   false
-signotherfiles         none                       signotherfiles             false   false
-mirror                 none                       mirror\ hardlinks          false   false
+mkmaintainers          none                       mkmaintainers              true    false
+copyoverrides          none                       copyoverrides              true    false
+mklslar                none                       mklslar                    true    false
+mkfilesindices         none                       mkfilesindices             true    false
+mkchecksums            none                       mkchecksums                true    false
+signotherfiles         none                       signotherfiles             true    false
+mirror                 none                       mirror\ hardlinks          true    false
 NOSTAGE                remove_locks               none                       false   false
 STATE                  postlock                   none                       false   false
-ddaccess               none                       ddaccessible\ sync         true    true
+ddaccess               none                       ddaccessible\ sync         false   true
 changelogs             none                       changelogs                 false   true
-pg_timestamp           postdinstall               pg_dump2                   false   false
+pg_timestamp           postdinstall               pg_dump2                   true    false
 expire                 none                       expire_dumps               false   true
 transitionsclean       none                       transitionsclean           false   true
 dm                     none                       none                       false   true

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