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[dak/master] Add an options line for the web/ dir [dak/master] Add autocruft function, calling (guess) auto_decruft [dak/master] Add codename to package_list view [dak/master] Add dak auto-decruft command based on cruft-report [dak/master] Allow to export NEWS file (Closes: #709444) [dak/master] auto-decruft: Batch check source-less cruft [dak/master] auto-decruft: Create a more helpful help/usage message [dak/master] auto-decruft: Disable short options for NVI [dak/master] auto-decruft: Expand NVI in cmd line argument names [dak/master] auto-decruft: Fix and reduce two SQL statements [dak/master] auto-decruft: Fix typo of "denoted" [dak/master] auto-decruft: Fix wording of removal message [dak/master] auto-decruft: Merge groups with same name [dak/master] auto-decruft: Remember to commit database changes [dak/master] auto-decruft: Use an id rather than an ORM object in SQL [dak/master] auto-decruft: Use bind variables [dak/master] auto-decrufter: Support NVIX removals [dak/master] auto_decruft: Fix typo [dak/master] autocruft: Report NVIU removals. [dak/master] autodecruft: Make function look a bit nicer. [dak/master] Change indices for {src,bin}_contents [dak/master] dak/rm: Fix typo in key name [dak/master] dak/rm: Pass a list of bugs to remove() as the correct parameter [dak/master] dak/rm: Pass a list of bugs to remove() rather than a string [dak/master] daklib/ acquire an advisory lock when writing to file [dak/master] daklib/ manage our own database session [dak/master] daklib/ Remove unneeded imports. [dak/master] daklib/ acquire an advisory lock when writing to file [dak/master] daklib/rm: Add a fitting dak-quote [dak/master] daklib/rm: Components can be None even when partial is True [dak/master] daklib/rm: Fix boolean inversion on partial removals [dak/master] daklib/rm: Use strings and not RowProxy as key [dak/master] Don't pass "session" to process_it() [dak/master] Extract a "remove" method from "dak rm" [dak/master] Fix typo [dak/master] Implicitly release lock when closing file [dak/master] Let auto-decruft (hopefully not) destroy the archive [dak/master] lintian.tags: add empty-binary-package [dak/master] ls: also accept codenames [dak/master] ls: Also search for codename. [dak/master] Move two queries from cruft_report to daklib/cruft [dak/master] process_upload: Remove unused variables [dak/master] Remove dak/ [dak/master] Remove more unused code. [dak/master] Remove obsolete daklib/ [dak/master] Remove old implementation of generate-packages-sources [dak/master] Remove unneeded import. [dak/master] Restore exporting of NEWS.Debian file [dak/master] Revert "ls: also accept codenames" [dak/master] Rewrite auto-decruft to group removals [dak/master] rm: Ensure con_components are not None [dak/master] rm: Only add component restriction if there is a component [dak/master] Shorten header for Contents indices [dak/master] typo: providors -> providers [dak/master] Update, jessie 8.1 [dak/master] utils: Add a quiet=False parameter to check_reverse_depends [dak/master] utils: Avoid some throw away collections [dak/master] utils: Drop unused fields from database query [dak/master] utils: Use a set rather than list [PATCH] lintian.tags: add empty-binary-package [website/master] Fix typo [website/master] Mention machine readable list of DELAYED packages (Closes: #748181) The last update was on 21:16 GMT Tue Jun 04. There are 63 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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