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[dak/master] Shorten header for Contents indices

Do not mention details like how often Contents indices are updates as
these depend on the suite and have changed.

Also remove the description on how to use grep to search these files.
 templates/contents | 27 ++-------------------------
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)

diff --git a/templates/contents b/templates/contents
index 1021da4..83bfd6d 100644
--- a/templates/contents
+++ b/templates/contents
@@ -3,33 +3,10 @@ the package from which it originates.  It includes packages from the
 DIST distribution for the ARCH architecture.
 You can use this list to determine which package contains a specific
-file, or whether or not a specific file is available.  The list is
-updated weekly, each architecture on a different day.
+file, or whether or not a specific file is available.
 When a file is contained in more than one package, all packages are
-listed.  When a directory is contained in more than one package, only
-the first is listed.
-As all Contents files are shipped compressed, the best way to search quickly
-for a file is with the Unix `zgrep' utility, as in:
-  `zgrep <regular expression> CONTENTSFILE.gz':
- $ zgrep -i debian/ Contents-amd64.gz
- usr/share/IlohaMail/debian/Ilohamail.apache                 web/ilohamail
- usr/share/R/debian/r-cran.mk                                devel/r-base-dev
- usr/share/apt-listbugs/debian/apt_preferences.rb            admin/apt-listbugs
- usr/share/apt-listbugs/debian/bts.rb                        admin/apt-listbugs
- usr/share/apt-listbugs/debian/btssoap.rb                    admin/apt-listbugs
- usr/share/apt-listbugs/debian/bug.rb                        admin/apt-listbugs
- usr/share/apt-listbugs/debian/mytempfile.rb                 admin/apt-listbugs
-This list contains files in all packages, even though not all of the
-packages are installed on an actual system at once.  If you want to
-find out which packages on an installed Debian system provide a
-particular file, you can use `dpkg --search <filename>':
- $ dpkg --search apt-get
- apt: /usr/bin/apt-get
 FILE                                                    LOCATION

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