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[dak/master] Add archive rename command [dak/master] Add new import subcommand. [dak/master] Always regenerate policy queue exports. [dak/master] apache.conf-incoming: allow access from [dak/master] config/debian-security/*: More updates for multiarchive changes. [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.*: update for multiarchive changes [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.buildd: $DISTS should only be stable and testing [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.daily: use explicit list of suites [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.unchecked: be silent [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.unchecked: call process-upload before process-policy [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.unchecked: calling process-policy once per queue is enough [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.unchecked: export policy queues in old format [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.unchecked: fix gpg call, use correct description [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.unchecked: just run process-policy to see if there were files to process [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.unchecked: pass right override file [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.weekly: only regenerate Release for public archive [dak/master] config/debian/common: pass source overrides to apt-ftparchive sources [dak/master] config/debian/dak.conf: reject uploads to squeeze-backports [dak/master] dak/dakdb/ handle "/" in component names. [dak/master] dak/ add workaround to allow exporting broken build queues [dak/master] dak/ same file might be in multiple components [dak/master] dak/ take archive file for the archive we are exporting from [dak/master] dak/ create worker pool before connection to database [dak/master] dak/ control -> source [dak/master] dak/ use section_name variable where we need it [dak/master] dak/ use correct column name [dak/master] dak/ remove reference to newstage [dak/master] dak/ Update for multiarchive changes. [dak/master] dak/ Add option to copy accepted packages somewhere [dak/master] dak/ don't try to copy files to accepted twice [dak/master] dak/ show warnings when processing upload [dak/master] dak/ also close forwarded bug reports [dak/master] daklib/ (_binary_override): evaluate component mapping [dak/master] daklib/ (install_source): always copy source files to target archive [dak/master] daklib/ add warning explaining why a package is NEW [dak/master] daklib/ give a nicer error message for already known .changes [dak/master] daklib/ use right name for .dsc dict [dak/master] daklib/ use unicode workaround also for sqlalchemy 0.7 [dak/master] daklib/ add from_file classmethods [dak/master] Improve dak/ [dak/master] Make sure *.new directories do exist. [dak/master] make-changelog: add archive option [dak/master] typo [dak/master] Only move accepted files in cron.unchecked [dak/master] remove DMUA flag handling [dak/master] Revert "config/debian/common: pass source overrides to apt-ftparchive sources" [dak/master] Typo in comment [dak/master] update world.files-1 to handle backports archive on ftp-master [PATCH] Add archive rename command [PATCH] dak/ pull components from the database [PATCH] Typo in comment [website/master] Fix and future-proof the libgfshare-bin links [website/master] Move Ansgar to FTP Master, Torsten to FTP Wizards Documentation format for dak UTF-8 problem in db/dak interaction The last update was on 14:06 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 65 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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