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[dak/master] daklib/ typo: unpribgroup → unprivgroup [dak/master] add ftpmaster ssh config/authorized_keys [dak/master] add mail_whitelist column to suite table [dak/master] Add tool to recognize obsolete tags [dak/master] add per-suite close_bugs option [dak/master] Add per-suite database permissions. [dak/master] Add per-suite mail whitelists. [dak/master] Add process-commands program and activate new DM implementation. [dak/master] Add suite ACLs and per-suite NEW. [dak/master] Add support for warnings. [dak/master] and do it for the tempdir function too [dak/master] checks: Fix a syntax error in ExternalHashCheck [dak/master] checks: Set the source in HashesCheck correctly [dak/master] cleanup ssh config, remove unused keys [dak/master] config/debian/dinstall.functions: reactivate clean-suites [dak/master] config/debian: Add settings for backports. [dak/master] Configure new DM implementation for Debian. [dak/master] dak rul3z [dak/master] dak/ add export-per-source subcommand [dak/master] dak/ include fingerprint of person who granted upload permission [dak/master] dak/ update documentation [dak/master] dak/ add subcommand to print configuration value [dak/master] dak/ make 'keyring list-(binary|source)' work with new ACLs [dak/master] dak/ restore line setting incoming variable [dak/master] dak/ use Dir::Unchecked instead of looking for unchecked queue [dak/master] dak/ fix SQL syntax error [dak/master] dak/ remove all processed files to done [dak/master] dak/ typo [dak/master] dak/ show if we accept/reject packages also on stdout [dak/master] dak/ don't die if dak.conf does not know about LDAP [dak/master] daklib/ allow source to be in enhanced suite [dak/master] daklib/ change permissions for copied .changes and byhand files [dak/master] daklib/ fix autobyhand for binNMUs [dak/master] daklib/ Fix typo in message about suite mappings. [dak/master] daklib/ look for target suites earlier [dak/master] daklib/ restore architecture field in .debinfo files [dak/master] daklib/ set final_suites earlier. [dak/master] daklib/ add note to send warning for DMUA later [dak/master] daklib/ include acl name in reason for rejection [dak/master] daklib/ include all not allowed binary architectures in error. [dak/master] daklib/ only use source.filename if source is not None [dak/master] daklib/ restore comment about hijack check [dak/master] daklib/ use final_suites for DM check [dak/master] daklib/ Add another experimental action. [dak/master] daklib/ error out when trying to grant permission for non-existing packages [dak/master] daklib/ give a real error message for unknown fingerprints [dak/master] daklib/ process all sections and not only the first one [dak/master] daklib/ quote section we are processing in reply [dak/master] daklib/ strip whitespace from fingerprint [dak/master] daklib/ allow additional configuration files for specific groups [dak/master] daklib/lists: output one less / for the pool/ [dak/master] daklib/ don't list missing overrides for each arch [dak/master] daklib/ (Changes): add source_name property [dak/master] daklib/ (Source): check hashes for .dsc before using it [dak/master] daklib/ lookup gid for group. [dak/master] daklib/ use daklib.config [dak/master] debian/cron.hourly: Dump & push the external_files table to security [dak/master] debianqueued: add support for *.dak-commands [dak/master] debianqueued: log which .dak-commands file we are processing [dak/master] Don't include stacktrace for hash mismatches. [dak/master] dont create hardlinks by default [dak/master] dont know python? come, join the ftpteam and write code. works for me. [dak/master] Fix (old)stable-new graph generation [dak/master] Improve error message for uploads that miss files. [dak/master] Introduce the external_files table [dak/master] Keep track who adds entries to DM upload table (and when). [dak/master] adapt to work also on security-master [dak/master] make use of dak-unpriv [dak/master] per-queue NEW comments and permissions [dak/master] Remove obsolete lintian tags [dak/master] remove per-fingerprint ACLs that are identical to keyring ACL [dak/master] Rename to [dak/master] Revert "we dont like -p, use shutil.copy instead of .copy2" [dak/master] setup/dak-minimal.conf.template: add missing Dir::Base [dak/master] setup/README: update for recent changes [dak/master] show-new: remove False statement to reduce processing time [dak/master] sod off, None. also, group= is helpful there [dak/master] Strip contrib/non-free from source names [dak/master] update function docu [dak/master] update87: Insert a default use_extfiles value to the config table too [dak/master] we dont like -p, use shutil.copy instead of .copy2 [website/master] Adjust links to (old)stable-new images [website/master] Remove reference to volatile. Dak bug report The last update was on 23:26 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 89 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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