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Re: Dak bug report

On Sat, 2012-09-01 at 22:30 -0700, Travis L. Bean wrote:
> I am using the attached dak.sh script (incorporated into a larger GOsa
> installer script) to automate the Dak installation from Git. I wrote
> this script based on the notes found in /opt/dak/setup/README. 
> I recently ran into an error condition (everything was working fine
> until just recently). Please let me know if something changed in the
> last month in the Dak source code that needs to be updated in this
> dak.sh script. I have attached a dak.error.log regarding the errors
> produced when running this script on Debian Squeeze 6.x.

Quite a bit changed in the last month or so - see

In terms of your specific error:

<quote source="dak.error.log">

This database update will convert policy and build queues to regular
For these archives will be created under Dir::Base:

  NEW:           <base>/new
  policy queues: <base>/policy
  build queues:  <base>/build-queues

Please add Dir::Base to dak.conf and try the update again.  Once the
database upgrade is finished, you will have to reprocess all uploads
currently in policy queues: just move them back to unchecked manually.

Was unable to update database schema from 74 to 75.

That seems like the problem is fairly clear?  



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