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[dak/master] Add link to relevant PTS page for binary-NEW packages [dak/master] Add package names to title for items. [dak/master] add some more logging to c-s [dak/master] Add stable back to the suite block, thanks Adam [dak/master] add the possibility of arch admins [dak/master] Allow a longer expire time for buildd keys [dak/master] Allow squeeze-backports for dm [dak/master] Also make generate_translations work with PostgreSQL 9.1. [dak/master] And also catch double-sign-edit-failure-sign-whatever files [dak/master] buildd add keys [dak/master] change config value for pdiffs too [dak/master] define used variable, as we're now using strict [dak/master] Disable source-contains-waf-binary tag until #661561 is fixed [dak/master] Display changes in ACCEPTED mails (Closes: #261096) [dak/master] do the i18n export in a way that we dont need to change it with every release, let it fetch from db [dak/master] exclude the pdiff files [dak/master] fix reading $HOME/etc/dak/dak.conf [dak/master] Fix sponsor email handling in new.822 (Closes: #662024) [dak/master] Fix variable name in parse_checksum function (Closes: #658525) [dak/master] Fix win32loader byhand not to update all hardlinks [dak/master] forget a comment, break the scripts. no more [dak/master] generate_translations: do not include some descriptions more than once [dak/master] handle compressed files transparently [dak/master] Ignore 'Operation not permitted' error. [dak/master] log suitename only [dak/master] make args a part of stagefile [dak/master] Make generate-packages-sources2 work correctly with PostgreSQL 9.1. [dak/master] might help to teach dqueued about the dm keyring too [dak/master] minimal change to correctly publish auto-accepted security stuff even without an extra dsa OR a simultaneous event in the unchecked queue [dak/master] missed a documentary string [dak/master] more pdiff meh [dak/master] move a closing </span> [dak/master] only use .bz2 files in Index [dak/master] pdiff files for translations [dak/master] Re-enable source-contains-waf-binary now that #661561 is fixed. [dak/master] remove lenny [dak/master] remove some todo [dak/master] removed unused lines [dak/master] shutup [dak/master] that should also shutup the html validation foo [dak/master] Use GPG format in queued README (Closes: #624437) [dak/master] warn on read errors in update-ftpstats, don't die [dak/master] When rejecting packages, make .changes files world readable (Closes: #156876) [dak/master] woops, more oldstable going away [dak/master] work without the file extension [PATCH] fix reading of dak.conf in home, if one is found Re: Patch for removal rss feed The last update was on 21:43 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 50 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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