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dak audit log

Hello Mark (and other dak people),

from IRC there was the idea of adding triggers to projectb to give life
to a new 'audit log' table.

Mark Hymers' initial idea was to trigger on:

 - ins/del on src/bin_association
 - update on overrides

I'm not sure I can give feedback on that initial list since I don't know
projectb in detail, but I can try to give a list of things I'd like to
be able to extract from such an audit log:

 - package $FOO entered suite $BAR
 - package $FOO was updated in suite $BAR
 - package $FOO was removed from suite $BAR

The list isn't very imaginative and I can't think of much else at the

It is in fact what I'm already maintaining at
http://dde.debian.net/debchanges/, with granularity limited to suites,
except that it'd go way back while now it's limited to the last week of

It could be used to answer queries such as:

 - when was package $FOO removed from $SUITE?
 - what's new in $SUITE since $DATE?
 - how often does package $FOO get updated?
 - how long has a package been sitting in experimental without updates?

If this isn't trivial to do in dak, I could take the code behind
debchanges and have it maintain a similar audit log table in UDD.



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