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[dak/master 01/10] daklib/ small library for PGP-signed files [dak/master 01/10] Enhance process pool implementation [dak/master 02/10] examine-package: use SignedFile to remove PGP armor [dak/master 02/10] Fix up pool usage [dak/master 03/10] Fix function name [dak/master 03/10] tests: dsc/4.dsc is invalid [dak/master 04/10] daklib/ (parse_deb822): use SignedFile to handle PGP signature [dak/master 04/10] Fix variable name [dak/master 05/10] remove unused variable [dak/master 05/10] tests/ update for new SignedFile exceptions [dak/master 06/10] Bugfixes for usage of DakProcessPool API [dak/master 06/10] daklib/ (parse_deb822): include PGP armor in filecontents [dak/master 07/10] Make daklog be a Singleton [dak/master 07/10] tests/ do not require signatures [dak/master 08/10] Add backwards compatibility code [dak/master 08/10] daklib/ capture stderr [dak/master 09/10] Deal with args being a tuple [dak/master 09/10] tests/ add another testcase [dak/master 1/2] daklib/ (parse_deb822, parse_changes): use session_wrapper [dak/master 1/2] don't include filename or timestamp in gzipped files [dak/master 1/4] sort Packages by source name first [dak/master 10/10] debianqueued: check for unsigned .changes content [dak/master 10/10] Get syntax right [dak/master 2/2] also use -9 for bzip2 [dak/master 2/2] daklib/ use os._exit() instead of sys.exit() in child process [dak/master 2/4] fix typo in email address [dak/master 3/4] look for already existing files in build queues [dak/master 4/4] do not generate binary-source/Packages [dak/master] a newline is ONE char, so allow one char long lines [dak/master] Add missing import statements [dak/master] allow empty lines but nothing else [dak/master] Also check for codename when looking for Provides [dak/master] also do it for imports [dak/master] also import Suite [dak/master] check mirror [dak/master] do not check for a valid signature in parse_deb822, parse_changes [dak/master] dont output tag lines from metadata table, only external overrides [dak/master] examine-package: display known virtual packages [dak/master] Fix show-new to avoid generating zombie processes [dak/master] gps2: Initialize process pool before connecting to database [dak/master] import a bit from from processpool [dak/master] import_dataset [dak/master] kick out useless print stuff that only annoys in logs [dak/master] kill do_dists [dak/master] more useful logging of added overrides [dak/master] no longer run a-f cleanup in weekly [dak/master] pdiff shit [dak/master] restore program name to log messages [dak/master] s/base/basen/ [dak/master] s/foo/base [dak/master] switch of a-f [dak/master] use gps2 in unchecked. also disable gen-filelists in dinstall debdelta integration proposal , Re: you blog post: FTPMaster meeting, II - NO baklava gzip options for Packages.gz files The last update was on 09:39 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 56 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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