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debdelta integration proposal , Re: you blog post: FTPMaster meeting, II - NO baklava

Il 26/09/2010 10:32, Joerg Jaspert ha scritto:
> [Adding debian-dak@lists.d.o into the loop. We should continue there]
>> currently I have a complex script that creates deltas for amd64 and
>> i386, and for lenny squeeze sid experimental ; and a simpler one for
>> lenny-security [...]
> That seems fine for an external resource, but if we integrate it, its
> not the way to go.

Dear joerg and DAK people,

I wrote a section 3.9 in the documentation
http://debdelta.debian.net/html/index.html that outlines two methods;
the first is the complex method (that AFAICR  joerg did not like); the
method in 3.9.2 is instead a simpler proposal: what do you think?

> You think too much in a mirror structure with a seperate script and not
> enough with the archive in mind. Archive side I think the right place to
> generate the delta would be the moment we see the new version and
> install the new upload into the archive. So the delta falls out just in
> the middle of the normal archive handling. After all we DO have the old
> files around for a while before removing them, so can do that right there.
> Or maybe asynchronous process triggered by the upload processing, as to
> not block that too much.
> Needs a bit of thinking exactly how, as we then not only want to
> generate the delta to the last version of the same suite we just upload
> to, but maybe also the one for another, lets say an upload to unstable
> triggers one delta for the old unstable version and one delta for the
> testing version (if different).[...]
the proposal in 3.9.2 should be able to do that .


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