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[dak/master] Add a missing primary key in DB upgrade #41. [dak/master] Add a test for class BinContents. [dak/master] Add a TODO about maintainer column in table override. [dak/master] add butautomaticupgrades [dak/master] Add export dir [dak/master] Add fano [dak/master] add oldstable-p-u list entries [dak/master] add security apache.conf [dak/master] add some map [dak/master] add squeeze-updates to md5 [dak/master] add the silent maps for the code name based stuff [dak/master] Adjust for squeeze.stable [dak/master] alias psql to be sure to use libreadline and not the crap and unusable libedit [dak/master] also list pu [dak/master] Avoid ressource leaks in ORMObject.clone(). [dak/master] back in with opunew [dak/master] call changelogs from bpo dinstall [dak/master] Clean up some old, now obsolete comments. [dak/master] Convert class BinContents to ORMObject. [dak/master] Convert class Override to ORMObject. [dak/master] Convert class OverrideType to ORMObject. [dak/master] Convert class Priority to ORMObject. [dak/master] Convert class Section to ORMObject. [dak/master] Convert to db upgrade #41. [dak/master] currently no deferred queue graphs [dak/master] dak.conf, checksums [dak/master] db schema 42 [dak/master] define temppath [dak/master] dont use installer@ [dak/master] drop generation of md5sum output in release files [dak/master] enable punew for bpo [dak/master] export changelogs on security [dak/master] Fix and improve class Component. [dak/master] Fix default value assignment in get-w-b-db. [dak/master] fix oldstable-p-u [dak/master] Fix session handling in queue-report. [dak/master] Fix typo 'assiciated'. [dak/master] fixup code [dak/master] fixup source_exist [dak/master] for some reason psql likes ; more than : [dak/master] generate-releases [dak/master] glob wants a * less or it fails in cases where maintainers have stupid debian/changelogs subdirs [dak/master] goodbye hppa in testing [dak/master] graphs are just one link to the stat.html [dak/master] Implement NEW/BYHAND/DEFERRED/OSPU/SPU graphs [dak/master] Implement ORMObject.session() and .clone(). [dak/master] Improve class Suite. [dak/master] Improve the label text and formatting of the labels for the queue graphs. [dak/master] Improve the title of the queue graphs. [dak/master] Include the correct path to the graph images in new.html [dak/master] its MD5Sum [dak/master] Make rrdtool errors non-fatal to reduce distruption. [dak/master] modify new-security-install to allow multiple packages accepted at once [dak/master] no alpha/hppa [dak/master] output rrd/images into /stat. but keep it disabled right now [dak/master] Really fix locking behaviour of dinstall. [dak/master] Refactor [dak/master] Refer to when closing bugs. [dak/master] rem new ip [dak/master] remove the useless line [dak/master] replace the arch list with a command [dak/master] ries no longer security testbed [dak/master] rrd foo [dak/master] s/MD5/MD5Sum/ [dak/master] s/release/out/ [dak/master] send codenames [dak/master] silent map first [dak/master] source the common stuff [dak/master] stupid hacks, we hate them [dak/master] stupid path names [dak/master] sync arches with the real list thats in squeeze [dak/master] Test function get_override_type(). [dak/master] Test the backrefs of class Override. [dak/master] Write the RRD files to webdir/stat and enable graph rendering. Re: [PATCH] Handle non-critical SIG_SUBPACKET per RFC4880 [website/master] overview page for the graphs The last update was on 06:18 GMT Wed May 29. There are 80 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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