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[dak/franck] And one more path [dak/franck] No more pgp keyring [dak/franck] One more [dak/master] [mhy] Remove malo and add poulenc/porpora [dak/master] Add config for volatile [dak/master] add key Common::ThreadCount to dak.conf [dak/master] Add start of a generate_packages_sources command [dak/master] Add the apache configs [dak/master] Add the web-users dir and a rewriterule for it [dak/master] add threadpool implementation [dak/master] Add volatile testing dists files [dak/master] Allow getting db config out easily [dak/master] And more public [dak/master] And one more in public [dak/master] And one more path [dak/master] And thats in public view [dak/master] And this also public. ohmy [dak/master] call check_deb() with correct arguments [dak/master] debianqueued [dak/master] Don't need a database connection for this [dak/master] dont replace the path in DAILY_APT_CONF right now, make it nicer later in an AptCOnf class. also dont call with the suite name, it knows it anyways [dak/master] drop an obsolete view by db update34 [dak/master] examine-package: add missing newlines to output [dak/master] examine-package: do not create useless DB sessions [dak/master] examine-package: lock access to printed_copyrights [dak/master] examine-package: make foldable_output functional() [dak/master] examine-package: make headline() functional [dak/master] examine-package: really support option -H [dak/master] examine-package: replace lock by thread.local() [dak/master] examine_package: make most functions functional [dak/master] Extend a hack [dak/master] Finally kill m68k [dak/master] Fix race condition in our commands.getstatusoutput monkeypatch [dak/master] generate-filelist: create fewer DB sessions [dak/master] generate-filelist: implement incremental mode [dak/master] generate-packages-sources [dak/master] improve multithread robustness [dak/master] introduce defaultThreadCount [dak/master] Less backgrounding before a-f [dak/master] make generate-filelist multithreaded [dak/master] missing t [dak/master] More changes for franck [dak/master] Move franck's dak to 5433 [dak/master] New path stuff [dak/master] No more pgp keyring [dak/master] No, webdir is public [dak/master] No, webdir is public, damnit [dak/master] One more [dak/master] One would think at some point one got all [dak/master] path changes [dak/master] Popen.communicate calls stdout.close() which looks like is causing errors w/threads.. [dak/master] Remove a tag [dak/master] Remove an entirely unused config section [dak/master] Remove hardcoding of database name, port etc [dak/master] run g-p-s in unchecked [dak/master] Run without -i [dak/master] Serialize by suite [dak/master] show-new: close ressources earlier [dak/master] show-new: multithreading support [dak/master] show-new: no longer fiddle with sys.stdout [dak/master] show-new: open a new session for every source package [dak/master] show-new: reduce DB sessions even more [dak/master] show-new: reduce number of open DB sessions [dak/master] Sigh [dak/master] Slightly more useful tempfile names [dak/master] Support +b[0-9] versions in autobyhand for di [dak/master] Timestamps [dak/master] Unfortunately DSA doesnt give us all rights anymore for no good reason to do a sane backup, including our roles, so deactivate that part. :( [dak/master] use template1 [dak/master] Use the new script in dinstall [dak/master] Use the real path, not my local one - whoops [dak/master] We can't allow unchecked until we've hardlinked the mirrors now that we're doing apt-ftparchive as part of it [dak/master] We really don't want environment variables to cause us to drop the wrong damn database [dak/master] We use upload.d.o now [dak/master] What, are we still using postgres 7.4 or something? [website/master] Fix some typos [website/master] Update removals-full.txt declared size dsus news The last update was on 12:04 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 85 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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