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dsus news


some news from Debian Smart Upload Server development...

I've made some protocol description on wiki [1], where based on
Torsen Werner suggestion request looks like:


sent via HTTP POST and than server responds with:

Successful upload
200: OK

Pre-upload errors
431: Empty changes
432: Unknown action
433: Empty filename
434: Destination error
435: Changes not found
436: Session expired
437: Length empty
438: Length conflict
439: File unexpected

Content errors
451: Checksum error
452: Binary error

so far. More checks comming soon. More daklib too (right now it uses
it's Config and Binary). Now I'm preparing some check lifecycle to simplify
the whole upload process and writing tests (kind of plugins thing).

Please send me any suggestions/requests/knocks you got as usual.

Thanks, Petr

[1] http://wiki.github.com/pjx/dsus/debian-smart-upload-protocol

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