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Re: [PATCH] Add SIG_SUBPACKET as a known_keyword.

Hi Jeremy,

we have evaluated your patch again and found some issues:
<http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4880#section-5.2.3> explains:

   An implementation SHOULD ignore any subpacket of a type that it does
   not recognize.

   Bit 7 of the subpacket type is the "critical" bit.  If set, it
   denotes that the subpacket is one that is critical for the evaluator
   of the signature to recognize.  If a subpacket is encountered that is
   marked critical but is unknown to the evaluating software, the
   evaluator SHOULD consider the signature to be in error.

Your patch should be enhanced to reject signatures with subpackets
that have the 'critical' bit 7 set. All other subpackets can be
ignored. Do you want to work on that?


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