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[dak/master] Add a basic test runner. [dak/master] add information about roles from to the website. [dak/master] Add some simple regression tests for regexes.re_single_line_field [dak/master] Adjust team [dak/master] And add the bsds to d-i [dak/master] byhand-dm [dak/master] byhand-foo [dak/master] Clear package_relations in all cases so that subsequent calls are not polluted [dak/master] Correct regex for 822 value fields that begin with a colon character [dak/master] cron.dinstall [dak/master] dak.conf [dak/master] dinstall [dak/master] Fix import-keyring call [dak/master] ftpstats.r [dak/master] hello mhy [dak/master] mk-extra-overrides [dak/master] mk_extra_overrides [dak/master] override [dak/master] process-new [dak/master] queue [dak/master] queued config [dak/master] templates [dak/master] Ups [dak/master] username foo [PATCH 1/2] Add kfreebsd-{amd64,i386}. [PATCH 2/2] Update kfreebsd-* ftp stats. [PATCH] override: send a copy of the bug closing message to the package maintainer Does buildd need some mipsel machines? gnat-4.4 built on i386 but still not installed 3 days later The last update was on 06:02 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 34 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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