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[dak/bpo] 2 more fixes [dak/bpo] Add a space [dak/bpo] Add the new sections [dak/bpo] add_user its no longer but just foo [dak/bpo] allow --maximum argument to clean_suites [dak/bpo] allow p-a and p-u to take a directory to parse themselves [dak/bpo] And properly close the damn () [dak/bpo] architectures [dak/bpo] bin_assoc [dak/bpo] bpo/security [dak/bpo] clean-suites [dak/bpo] control-overrides: Add some safer modes of operation [dak/bpo] control-overrides: Simplify maintainer override handling [dak/bpo] Damn python and its complains on missing ) [dak/bpo] Describe the key split thing we have now [dak/bpo] dinstall [dak/bpo] dinstall / reboot [dak/bpo] docstring [dak/bpo] Dont complain [dak/bpo] Fixes [dak/bpo] Forgot dato [dak/bpo] generate-releases [dak/bpo] get_suite_architectures [dak/bpo] Ignore errors to updates [dak/bpo] Import database [dak/bpo] Its base, not basedir [dak/bpo] key expire [dak/bpo] legacy [dak/bpo] mail-whitelist [dak/bpo] mixed component [dak/bpo] more tidy ups for paths/variables [dak/bpo] move logic into a function [dak/bpo] p-a [dak/bpo] remove debug output [dak/bpo] Save the 'after' log [dak/bpo] set up Arguments properly [dak/bpo] suite_architectures [dak/bpo] Try with utf8, thanks [dak/bpo] update db [dak/bpo] updatedb [dak/bpo] use database to generate suite_architectures list [dak/bpo] Use the database.init [dak/bpo] use variables for paths [dak/bpo] utf-8 [dak/bpo] Yuck, careful who you list [dak/master] add stupid hack to work around apt-pkg's config handling [dak/master] dinstall [dak/master] kfreebsd [dak/master] process-new [dak/master] Sign with the new key [dak/master] signing key [dak/master] tab/space, i hate you [dak/master] use error instead of ERR [dak/master] Use the right timestamp name The last update was on 06:24 GMT Thu May 30. There are 73 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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