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[dak/master] * config/debian/cron.dinstall: Complicate the i18n export a little by using date/hour based directories which we then link into the web view. They contain a signed timestamp file now, which means the i18n people can take a long time to generate files, yet we still know exactly on which dataset their data is based on, and can then verify it with that. Ensures we only get descriptions for packages we know off (or knew of in the past 2 days). [dak/master] actually check the type of basedict before trying to use it [dak/master] Actually import a module before using it. [dak/master] Add a file [dak/master] add changelog entry for jvw's patch [dak/master] Add changelog entry Signed-off-by: Stephen Gran <> [dak/master] add changelog to keep Ganneff happy [dak/master] Add Not-For-Us checking to cruft_report [dak/master] add sha1sum and sha256sum columns [dak/master] Added i18n package description sync foo. [dak/master] Added signing of buildd incoming [dak/master] an attempt to move the functionaliity into a module [dak/master] And another place to kick nfu [dak/master] and revert the remainder [dak/master] another attempt to add these damned hashes [dak/master] Change wanna-build-dump path [dak/master] Create a hardlinked tree for the buildds [dak/master] dak/ (is_source_in_queue_dir): add the queue path to the changes filename [dak/master] dak/ do not try to free the unchecked lockfile in no-action mode [dak/master] dak/ fix up binary diversion into various queues [dak/master] dak/ handle uploads to (oldstable)-proposed-updates differently [dak/master] Damn oldtimers [dak/master] Deactivate the ssh-move [dak/master] don't assume we can check for the checksums fields [dak/master] Error out when we are unable to find a source id for a file we want to install. Shouldnt happen. [dak/master] expand to cope with extra checksums [dak/master] first attempt at bodging in support for sha1sum and sha256sum [dak/master] Fix a number of bugs, some introduced long ago, some introduced yesterday. [dak/master] fix proposed-updates processing in dinstall: actually accept sourceful uploads [dak/master] fix set_files_id routine [dak/master] fix typos [dak/master] Gah, apt is a piece of shit. Well, it expects the uncompressed Packages files in the Release file to appear, so lets generate them. Also make sure we dont have empty release files listed... [dak/master] Generate the i18n foo [dak/master] Get wanna-build-database in cron.weekly [dak/master] I hate it when Ganneff is right [dak/master] Im a moron and ln is a pain [dak/master] indicate to britney whether or not the Packages update was successful [dak/master] let's store the known_hashes information centrally [dak/master] make process accepted not die with old .dak files [dak/master] merge Jeroen's lisa_existing_sources_first_and_mtime patch [dak/master] misc fixes [dak/master] process_new/do_accept_stableupdate: state what we intend to do [dak/master] Remove pgp keyring [dak/master] Remove trailing / from path [dak/master] Removed ssh-move [dak/master] Replace a 128 line NIH syndrom with one of those new-fangled sarge-and-later options in rsync :) [dak/master] Revert "use correct field names" [dak/master] revert all my stupid commits, we'll try this again later when we have a test server [dak/master] revert change to get_files_id [dak/master] rm md5sum [dak/master] This really does not have to be quite this unreadable Signed-off-by: Stephen Gran <> [dak/master] use correct field names [dak/master] Warn about missing wanna-build dumps [dak/master] We also want a -T there, stupid ln, could figure it out itself, never heard of AI, eh? [dak/master] We dont care about the stuff they print out here, we just want the return value. Remove $(). (Aua) [dak/master] We dont want i18n to ever fail dinstall, add a || true [dak/master] wording change [newdak/master] add embargoed issues note [newdak/master] Added a few hints so we keep consistency (hopefully) Signed-off-by: Joerg Jaspert <> [newdak/master] Initial feature.txt [newdak/master] Remove changelog file, adjust CodingStyle part about the merge tree. Signed-off-by: Joerg Jaspert <> Blue pilule works, you win. Feature request srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.767,1.768 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.768,1.769 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.769,1.770 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.770,1.771 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.771,1.772 The last update was on 18:27 GMT Sat May 25. There are 68 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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